I Obtained a Mythic Item Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Jung Seonyul
Artist Hess
Serialization Naver Series (Naver)Naver Webtoon (Naver)
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I Obtained a Mythic Item

Eu Obtive um Item Mítico, I Obtained a Mythic Item, À moi, l'item légendaire, Я Здобув Міфичний Предмет, 入手神话级专属装备, 我获得了神级装备, 神話級の帰属アイテムを手に入れた, 神話級道具入手了!, 신화급 귀속 아이템을 손에 넣었다

Synopsis I Obtained a Mythic Item

In a world where technology and magic are almost indistinguishable from one another, monsters and creatures of myth and legend reign terror upon mankind. In humanity’s darkest moment, individuals with special god-like powers emerge to save the day. They are — the Awakened. Meet Jaehyeon, a feeble Awakened human Raider, who struggles to make ends meet until one day a series of confounding events allow him to claim a powerful item that will change the course of history forever…

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Chapter I Obtained a Mythic Item

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