Reborn As The Heavenly Martial Demon Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2023
Author 社畜本人
Artist 哔啵 社畜本人
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Reborn As The Heavenly Martial Demon

After I Die, I Transform Into a Martial Arts Demon, I, in My Posthumous Form, Transform Into the Martial Dao Demon, Reborn as the Heavenly Martial Demon, Wǒ Sǐ Hòu, Huàshēn Wǔdào Tiānmó, دراگون تی اسکول, 我死后,化身武道天魔

Synopsis Reborn As The Heavenly Martial Demon

Humanity lost the war. Businessmen who sold out their fellow compatriots, hunters who turned to the monsters, stepping on countless human corpses, all in order to earn profit. The otherworldly monsters that entered our world seized it bit by bit like a raging fire. That was until Zuo Chi arrived. “Back then you all were gladly invading our world, so why are you weeping now?”Original Webcomic:AC.QQ, BiliBili, KuaiKan

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